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International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Registration In India
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Every book you have ever come across has a barcode at the back of the book along with a 13 digit number, this number is called the ISBN number. The full form of ISBN is International standard book number. It is basically an identification number for the literary work. This number is used by every publisher, distributor or a book seller on the internet for listing recording their sales and to maintain the stock.

The composition of the ISBN number is made up of five elements, the first one being the prefix element which are the first three digits of the number. Then there is a registration group element which is for identifying the country or language the Literary work originates from. The third element of the ISBN is a registrant element which traces the work back to the publisher and is up to seven digits. Then is the publication element which can be upto 6 digits and is used to identify the edition of the publication. Lastly, there is a check digit which is responsible for validating the rest of the numbers.

The ISBN number is essential in the world of publishing and literary works as without this number, a literary work cannot be distributed through any e-commerce website or even through a Bookstore. Bookstores usually verify the ISBN and will not sell the book without a valid ISBN registration as this number is crucial to track back, the origin of the literary work. It becomes an identification for the book without which the sale of the work through any distribution channel is impossible.

What are the benefits of having an ISBN certificate in India?

An ISBN certification has a lot of benefits ranging from allowing a book to enter any distribution channel to helping in sales and marketing of the book.

  1. Use of ISBN in distribution of the book – As mentioned above, a bookstore will not sell a book without the ISBN and an e-commerce website will not register the listing of a book without the ISBN. Therefore, a valid ISBN is a central for a publication to be able to enter the off-line as well as online distribution channels. For increasing the circulation and sales of the literary work, distributing the literary work through online as well as office channel is crucial. As we are aware that today the e-commerce websites are booming and connecting the relevant consumer base worldwide, therefore having ISBN is going to not only get the book into circulation nationally but can also open doors to International distribution. This registration number is valid and recognized internationally.
  2. Use of ISB in marketing - Most of the websites like Good Reads etc which are quite popular amongst the bibliophile customer base would ask for the ISBN number. If the author wants to be registered on these platforms ISBN becomes necessary. Obtaining an ISBN is thus going to add up to the marketing of the book or the literary work and it can be marketed worldwide. It will open doors to more effective and fast marketing of the product.
  3. Use of ISBN in multichannel distribution – Usually a distributor like Amazon or Google play etc provides an ISBN of their own however, this ISBN is specific to the platform or of the distributor. This ISBN cannot be used by the publisher or author to list the book on any other platform. This would create a barrier or restriction on selling the product widely. It is always advisable to list the products on multiple e-commerce websites as well as reading platforms such as Kindle or Google books etc. Therefore, the author would need an ISBN their own. This unique identification number helps in avoiding duplicate listing and helps maintaining sales and tracking of Book.

What is the eligibility criteria for ISBN registration in India?

Raj Ram Mohan Roy national agency for ISPM is the only agency in India which is functioning under the Department of higher education of the government of India. It is mandatory for all publishers to apply for an ISBN before this agency. The eligibility for registration of an ISBN in India is as follows-

  1. Publishers, authors and educational institutions can apply for registration of the ISBN number for their publication. The head of the institution of the educational institutes can apply for getting the ISBN or appoint a nodal officer to coordinate with the ISBN agency.
  2. Newspapers, periodicals, magazines, journals, and other serial publications are not eligible for ISBN number

What are the documents required for ISBN registration in India?

  1. The application form which is duly signed by the applicant has to be submitted to the ISBN agency along with a photo identification proof. The copy of this attached proof has to be self-attested. The applicant also has to submit the book or books after using the ISBN issued to the ISBN agency.
  2. A postage stamp of Rs.17 for Delhi NCR and Rs.39 for the rest of the country (subject to change) is to be affixed and the same is to be dispatched through speed post.
  3. The application forms are different for authors, publishers and for conferences and seminars. The additional requirement for the application form for author is to attach the cover page of the book with a valid photo identity proof has to be attached as supporting documents
  4. For ISBN for allotment of ISBN and for conferences or seminars a letter of requisition has to be attached for allotment of ISBN from the director or head of the institution on their letterhead.
  5. The last category of the application form for obtaining ISBN is for publishing agency who is applying for the first time, the statement of the current bank account is also to be attached

How ISBN adds to the credibility to your work among readers, distributors and retailers

Through an ISBN, the book or the literary work actually comes into existence that into the database meaning through this 13 digit ISBN code the literary work enters the database which can be now accessed by the readers, distributor or seller. This database stores information about the genre of the book, the price of the book and the publisher of the book, this would help the readers analyze the book as well as help the distributors and retailers categorize the book. This book is now available on the database which is available to the publishers, distributors and retailers by which they can track the details of the literary work and thus understand its credibility.

How can seedling help you with ISBN registration in India?

At Seedling we understand the importance of distribution, sales and marketing of a literary work for and publishing or author. The process of obtaining an ISBN number involves a lot of due diligence and administrative procedures. We at Seedling can help with this procedure can carry out this procedure for you. It is necessary to carry out this process accurately and we can help you do so. We can make the procedural aspects of obtaining the ISBN an easy and hassle free process for you. You do not have to worry about the due diligence or the administrative procedure to obtain this identification number Seedling will take care of the hassle for you.

The ISBN registration process unveiled

  1. The publishers or authors or educational institutions can obtain the ISBN for their upcoming publications, their research papers, audiobooks, films, videos, etc. The procedure is to apply for an ISBN by filling a form and submitting the same with supporting documents to the ISBN agency.
  2. This form is to be filled in English and not any regional language and the ISBN is issued after receipt of the application form with the supporting documents. The original duly signed application along with the supporting documents is to be sent to the Raja Ram Mohan Roy agency for ISBN, which is in New Delhi.

Most common question about our services

How do you apply for an ISBN number?

The Application form for obtaining the ISBN number has to be filled which is available at . The applicant has to fist register and then follow the procedure which shall involve filing the form and sending the same to the ISBN agency along with the supporting documents.

How much does it cost to register for ISBN in India?

There are no fees to obtain the ISBN in India

Can I Publish a book without ISBN in India?

ISBN is not required to publish a book but would be required if the book has to be sold at bookstores or through any e-commerce websites.

Do ISBN numbers expire?

There is no expiry for the ISBN that is once allotted. The details of the publication remain perpetually on the online database under the assigned ISBN.

Is ISSN and ISBN same?

No, they are not same. ISSN stands for International standard serial number and is allotted to serial publications or periodicals. While ISBN stands for International standard book number and is allotted to each book title.

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