FCRA Annual Return

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Annual Return
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The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, or FCRA, is a piece of legislation that the Indian government adopted to control how foreign contributions are accepted and used by individuals, organisations, and non-governmental organisations in the nation. This regulation mandates that organisations that accept contributions from outside sources file an annual report outlining the money they have received and how it has been used. The FCRA Annual Returns are an essential instrument for accountability and transparency, guaranteeing that foreign contribution-receiving organisations follow the established standards and principles. The government receives information from these returns about the origins of foreign funding, how it is used, and how it affects the designated activities.

Periodically, the FCRA is amended to address new issues, improve accountability, and simplify the regulatory structure. These modifications could include adjustments to reporting guidelines, limitations for foreign contribution eligibility, or safeguards against financial misappropriation. The objective is to achieve a balance between protecting national interests and avoiding any potential misuse of funds for actions that may be harmful to the security or integrity of the nation, and facilitating lawful foreign donations for social and developmental projects. The government endeavours to maintain the efficacy, responsiveness, and alignment of the regulatory framework with changing objectives and problems by routinely modifying and revising the Fair Credit Reporting Act

What are the documents required to file FCRA annual Return?

A set of particular documents must be compiled and submitted by organisations in order to file the FCRA Annual Return in India.

  • FC-6 Form: Complete the FCRA Annual Return form completely and electronically submit it using the assigned portal.
  • Audited Financial Statements: Provide the audited financial accounts, which include the balance sheet, the statement of receipts and payments, and the revenue and expenditures.
  • Bank statements: Provide bank statements that show all foreign contributions made and received within the pertinent fiscal year.
  • Utilization Certificate: A document outlining the precise uses of the donations from overseas.
  • Information about Foreign Contributions: Detailed information about all foreign contributions received, including the amount, source, and purpose of each contribution.
  • Annual Activity Report: A document detailing the organization's financial year's worth of activities, together with their results and effects.
  • Copy of FCRA Registration Certificate: Present a copy of the Ministry of Home Affairs' FCRA registration certificate for the organization.
  • PAN Card: A duplicate of the organization's Permanent Account Number (PAN) card.
  • Registration Certificate: If relevant, include a copy of the organization's registration certificate.
  • Details of Governing Body: Give contact information, names, and addresses of the members of the governing body or executive committee.
  • Any Additional Supporting Documents: Provide any further documentation that the authorities have asked for or that you feel is required for the filing of the yearly return.

What is the procedure to follow to file for FCRA annual Return?

  • Access the FCRA PortalLog in to the official FCRA online portal provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Fill FC-6 Form: Access the FC-6 form for filing the FCRA Annual Return on the portal. Fill in the required details accurately. The form typically includes information about foreign contributions received, their sources, and their utilization.
  • Attach Supporting Documents: Prepare and gather all necessary supporting documents, including audited financial statements, bank statements, utilization certificates, and other relevant records.
  • Upload Documents: Scan and upload all the required documents onto the portal as per the specified format and size limits.
  • Submit by Deadline: You must submit form 2561 on or before the annual deadline which is on or before March 1st reflecting activities for the prior calendar year. Submit to CFPB via email or mail.
  • Keep Records: Maintain copies of submitted annual returns and supporting documents for at least 2 years as required by law in case of an audit or questions.
  • Review Changes: Carefully review any changes to FCRA rules to ensure your returns remain fully compliant each year when you re-file.

How can Seedling help you with FCRA Annual return filing?

Seedling would be happy to assist with your FCRA annual return filing. Seedling can help compile all the necessary company information required to complete the annual return - such as consumer report statistics, relevant policies and procedures, corporate structure details etc. We can assist in reviewing the FCRA requirements and filling out CFPB Form 2561 on your behalf, ensuring it is completed accurately and meets all legal needs. Our team can review your procedures and policies to advise if any changes are needed to align with FCRA rules. We can also review completed returns before submission. We're happy to handle submission of the completed return to the CFPB by the March 1 annual deadline on your behalf. Seedling can store copies of your annual returns and supporting docs for at least 2 years in case regulators require them. We can update you on any FCRA rule changes annually so returns stay fully compliant from year to year.

Seedling aims to handle the full FCRA annual return process for you - reducing the burden on your team. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Most common question about our services

What documents are required for FCRA Annual Return filing?

Necessary documents include audited financial statements, bank statements, utilization certificates, and organization details.

Does Seedling offer online submission support?

Yes, Seedling provides support for the online submission of FCRA Annual Returns through the official portal.

How does Seedling assist with compliance changes?

Seedling offers guidance on changes in FCRA regulations and keeps clients informed about updates in the filing process.

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